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The Authorization in Building Religious Homes of Workship

Posted by DEC Development Education and Culture on Friday, 25 May 2012

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Hi guys, I'll present a paper for the discusion. this topic about the some rule of Indonesia to get the authorization of some building. this a good paper by Benteng Panynyua English Club. okay, this is the paper posting by Development Education and Culture and Benteng Panyunyua English Club with the writter brother Chaidir.

Now a days, it has been admitted together that in Indonesia all of people have a freedom to decide what religion they want to believe. Because of that, it has been  addmitted there are five legitimate religions which can be chosen by the society in our country. In the case, it is prohibited if there is ostracism between one religion and other religions. besides that. the most important is a respect each other and no dissension between different religions.

We have already discussed about unity of different religions. But how about homes of workship, and the freedom to build it, should it need authorization from the goverment?

In this case, there are two perceptions. the first persepsion is in buildig religions home of workship should an authorization from the goverment such as IMB. the goverment has said that every single building must have IMB as an authorization from goverment. after that, it is able to be built. the goverment will not make any difference.

In another case, it is said that there is a right which has been given to us, the religious person deserve and free to build home of workship without an authorization from the goverment, because if there must be an authorization, it means taht there is a limitation in building case, but as we know that building home of workship are primary needs, and it is not supposed to be banned, because we use it for common-wealth.


Ostracism: Pengucilan;
Dissension: Perpecahan;
Deserve: Berhak;
Common-Wealth: Kebutuhan Bersama;
Require: membutuhkan.


1. what do you think about the authorization in building homes of workship?
2. Do you agree if the building homes of workship need IMB? why?
3. What do you think about an illegal building?
4. Should the goverment destroy the homes of workship which do not have any authorization because it is an illegal?


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