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Posted by DEC Development Education and Culture on Monday, 11 June 2012

DEC & EBG_Hi guys, now Development Education and Culture with Embargo Pioneer Study Club will present the paper about their discusion. The title is "Competition" written by brother Wahyudi  as members of EBG. Please read our present and comment your arguments.

            Sometimes, competition makes the people forget their selves. Means that can make someone to be doesn’t know.

            Whoever, they will do everything continuously to lost their competeter. From a friend, may be it will be an enemy because of the lost of friendship soul it self as a result of desire to compate cotinously so that the relationship is not as harm as the old day. The suspicious always come ubnormally. They usually feet that their friends will make. Them of fall down. Rherefore, they make themselves to be far away from their fore, they make them selves to be for away from their friend because they don’t witw pay their attention to them. They’ll try in order their friend can be lost. In their neart, there’s only a desire to lost them. Therefore, they’ll try to look for friend that have a capability under their level. Because in their heart, they just want to win with their selves or they want to in order no one cann’t he like them cevery.


1. What do you think, if your friendship there’s in a competition?
2. In what way do you compate with your friend or even your close friend?
3. whatever way you do to advoid the competition in order to  the misunderstanding won’t be happend?

*Doc. of EBG in 2010
Leppangeng, Desa Patangkai, Kec. Lappariaja, Kab. Bone


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