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Posted by DEC Development Education and Culture on Monday, 4 June 2012

DEC & EBG_Hi guys, now Development Education and Culture with Embargo Pioneer Study Club will present the paper about their discusion. The title is "Crying" written by Dhia as members of EBG. Please read our present and comment your arguments.

Crying is the over-loaded release of feeling to be free from a burnen or a problem. Some people also considerer crying as a spoiled matter and jeering. Normally, someone cries because of many factors. It could be a problem and burned. Not less than of them are happy when crying.


1. Have you cried?
2. What matters do you deal with crying?
3. Do you agree to justify than person crying is spoiled?
4. Share your crying to your friends!

A: that kind is funny
B: …... I think he should be a comedian
I’ll say
You said it
That’s an understatement

Alternative= Choise : Pilihan
Although=though : Meskipun, Walaupun
Ambition= Longing : Hasrat

Marriage >< Divorce : Perkawinan >< Perceraian
Resistance >< Surrender : Perlawanan >< menyerah
Skill >< Awkwardness

*Doc. of EBG in 2008
Leppangeng, Desa Patangkai, Kec. Lappariaja, Kab. Bone


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