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I Love You

Posted by DEC Development Education and Culture on Sunday, 3 June 2012

DEC & EBG_Hi guys, now Development Education and Culture with Embargo Pioneer Study Club will present the paper about their discusion. The title is "I Love You" written by members of EBG. Please read our present and comment your arguments.

Wow “I Love You” might be one of the most favorite sentences in the world that eagerly to hear soon and however, it could be also the serious one. When we have a crush on someone, the sentences is a must (even thought some other people still believe that attention is important than the sentences!!!)

I love you has many meaning (1) it means our feeling to someone whom we love. (2) it is a symbol of bravely. Some people say that only coward people don’t say the sentences. Last but not least, the sentences bring a consequence or commitment. It is the beginning of rules of conduct-something that we must do, no matter how hard it is, and something that we must avoid, no matter how much we love doing it.

Yet, nowdays, that sentence is easy to going out from somebody’s mouth. And sometime become problems for themselves who say “I Love You” easily.


1. What does it mean of “I Love You” to you?
2. It is important to say “I Love You” to the one we love so much?
3. Why do the people easy to say “I Love You”?
4. What do you want from your lover most?


Might be: boleh jadi
Crush: menghancurkan
Bravely: keberanian
Least: paling sedikit
Commitment: komitmen
Avoid: menghindari
Easily:dengan mudah
Important: penting
Eagerly” dengan bernafsu
Attention: perhatian
Coward: penakut
Consequence: konsukwensi
Rules: aturan
Yet: sekalipun begitu
Mean: berarti
Want: keinginan.

*Doc. of EBG in 2008
Leppangeng, Desa Patangkai, Kec. Lappariaja, Kab. Bone


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