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Posted by DEC Development Education and Culture on Monday, 11 June 2012

DEC & EBG_Hi guys, now Development Education and Culture with Embargo Pioneer Study Club will present the paper about their discusion. The title is "Polygamy" written by members of EBG. Please read our present and comment your arguments.

Polygamy is a doctrine of Islamic.which it want to stand in a longtime until of time. A lot of people agree and disagree with polygamy. Polygamy is doing because some factors. Between, will be have children and try to reasonable. But there was wrong statement that polygamy is doing just get happy.


1. Do you agree with polygamy? Give your opinion!
2. In your mind, what do you feel the women was polygamy?
3. what is the consequence of polygamy in many family?

*Doc. of EBG in 2009
Leppangeng, Desa Patangkai, Kec. Lappariaja, Kab. Bone


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