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Posted by DEC Development Education and Culture on Monday, 4 June 2012

DEC & EBG_Hi guys, now Development Education and Culture with Embargo Pioneer Study Club will present the paper about their discusion. The title is "Treason" written by Mifta as members of EBG. Please read our present and comment your arguments.

Treacherous is not strange to us. Even us, our self, are feeling it and maybe we are doing! Treason can meaning us the someone which run out  from a promise or poke us from behind. Treason can  be doing by close friend, friends or our dear. The people was doing  treason usually because she was seeing the people which treason sustain or jealous with surplus or the other people.

So, what ever of reason, don’t ever think to do a treason.


1. have you ever treasoned and treason?
2. how do you feel, if you are treasoning of your close friend?
3. tell about your experience when you are treasoned?

*Doc. of EBG in 2008
Leppangeng, Desa Patangkai, Kec. Lappariaja, Kab. Bone


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