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What You think when You Chatting on Internet

Posted by DEC Development Education and Culture on Monday, 26 November 2012

Chatting on Internet

                Internet Relay Chat, or IRC, or often referred to as chat or chat is an online discussion forum of Internet users by using writing as a tool for discussion. IRC provides a way to communicate directly with people around the world, and of course, among the students. IRC consists of various network servers (machines to connect users with IRC). The user has a program called 'client' to connect them to a server from one of these IRC networks. These servers that will send information from one server and another server in the same network. Currently there are thousands of chat groups in a variety of languages ​​and topics.
                in the opinion of our group, almost entirely of students who frequently use the Internet also have chat. Programs that are often used for this chat is Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, or any social networks.
In this chat is not uncommon of them continue to do than just chatting on the internet becomes a direct meeting or known as Ground Coffee. Even some that ultimately established the love after they often chatted on the internet and then meet each other.


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