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All about In The World Movie (short story)

Posted by DEC Development Education and Culture on Thursday, 26 March 2015

Title                            : in the World
Directed by                : Lake Bell
Written by                 : Lake Bell
Genre                         : Drama, Comedy
In Theaters                : Aug, 2013 Limited
Runtime                     : 1 Hr. 31 min.
Main Character        : Carol (Lake Bell), Sam (Fred Melamed), Gustav (Ken Marino), Moe (Rob Corddry), Dani (Michaela Watkins), Louis (Demetri Martin), Jamie (Alexandra Holden).
            The first setting of story started with Carol who had listened a voice recording. Next setting in Sam house where Carol and her Dad debate about her passion in voiced industries. Her Dad said that the industry does not crave a female sounds. He told abour her accents still naturely. “I’m gonna support you by not supporting you” said Sam to his daughter.

            After that, Carol came to her old sister apartment. She told many thing to Dani. “Our Father kicked me out” told Carol. Moe just listen them when they were busy to sharing each other. In Laundri’s room, carol met with a Japanese. He seriously used his phone during speek with someone. Looked the situation, caron turn on her recorder but unfortunetly few second later there some Chinese’s girls come and speak loudly.
            Carol came to Louis’s recording studio. She meet with Nancy. Nancy called Louis and they come in the studio. Carol got changes to be a voice actor and she start to recording. In another changes, Louis inform to Carol that higher staff love her voice and give her change in voice trailer. Firstly she didn’t believe herself, but Louis make her sure about that changes.
            In the other side, Gustave had been called by the brand that he was chancel in trailer voice. He got problem in his voice. They told they have to changed him with another one. Gustav call whom take his position as a thief. He also tell Sam about his problem.
            In other place, mue and Dani get trouble. There was a mistaken and mue went out from Dani’s room. In another situation, Louis tried to call her to Gustav party. But she didn’t because she would like with her father.  In party eve, all of people enjoy the party. Carol find a secrect room in Gustav house party. She found many unicque collection and Gustave come to her and explained her history.
            The next day when Carol back, she found her sister was sad. She told about her fault and Moe go out from their live. In the different location, Gustav and Sam discuss about the “thief” and tell another in outside. In Dani’s desk, Carol started to make her tell about her feeling. She put recording during Dani spoke. And carol send it to Mue.
            In the night, there were dinner in Sam’s family. Dani and carol were attend. Sam started their to speak to both of her daughter. Few  minutes later, they were debate about Carol and Dani. Its about their mother’s death. Luckily Jamie come and make the situations molten. Carol told to her father that she get changes to be voice trailer and its make Sam shocked.
            Finally, selection of voice trailer in Amazon Game had start. The selection raise when he complaint to make it be the concern. Carol and Louis be a friend againt after talk about their each problem. As same as Mue and Dani, Mue give her last changes after heard the recording. All of candidate practicing and exertating in their confert place.
            In the award eve, the winner of that game would been take their guardin. And the winner was korra. Satm escape because he want ti cries in back. Jenie was follow him. By of Jenie, she make sam strong and prode  to his children. Carol get the place as new voice trailer. When she in toilet, she met with one higher staff of the place. The woman remind carol that she is not the best of them, but they need a female voice their game. Carol had had to produce and teach some female who want to learn about voiceless.


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