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How to Know The Analysis of The lottery

Posted by DEC Development Education and Culture on Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Lottery
The characters is:
Ø  Main characters
Mr. Summers              : Consistent, enthusiastic
Old Man Warner        : the man who keep that traditional event and stubborn
Tessie Hutchinson     : cherfull, nice girl
Bill Hutchinson            : brave, care with Tessie Hutchinson

Ø  Supporting characters

Mr. Grave
Mrs. Dubhan
Mr. Percy
Mr. Adam
Hosea Adam
Mr. Martin
Boby Martin
Harry Jones
Mr. Delecroix
Dickie Delacroix

2.       We felt so interest to read this story by the first paragraf because the first tell about the traditional event that the people in that village so  surprise to do it. This event namely “the lottery” and the partisipant for this event are the people of this village.
3.       First, the leader as Mr. Summer call the name of the people in there by the name list of people in that village in front of them to get a paper one by one. After that, he said to them to open their papers and find who the get the paper have the black sign. After that, someone who have that paper  will be the champion of that event.
4.       Symbol of the story:
a.       Lottery         : the traditional event that choose in every years who will die base on their lucky
b.      Black box     : The old box as have magic power to choose who will gone away.
c.       A leaf            : a message to the god of death for who will dead
5.       The morals message:
a.       That always have away to someone get their destination.
b.      The god of death always come beside us and remind us that your life will come/


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