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How to Make YourTrip Will be Fun

Posted by DEC Development Education and Culture on Wednesday, 1 May 2013

 DEC_Hi guys, ever you visit in some place? What are you feeling until in your trip? Are you have many new friends in your trip? There some questions to many people in the world. Are you enjoy your travelling or you just bored. Now we going to talk about how make our trip is fun. Read paragraph bellow.

Sometimes, there are many reasons why some people did not enjoy their trip. They said that it is not their destination go to there. Some people said they not interst with their trip. And last they just follow their parents or their family. Vary reason for someone to did not enjoy their travelling.

Those some tips how to make our trip will be fun:

  1. If you have more time before your trip begin, surfing on interner and seacrh about your destination. Seacrh what you want to do in there or something want you visit after arrive in there;
  2. Bring some thing you think that it will be useful during your trip happen;
  3. Check your schedule in your trip and try to change in the other time, it make you better then you try to forget your schedule before;
  4. Prepare everything you think will you need during in your trip.
  5. Additional, check where you will to sleep. Is it hotel, or any place? After that, make some plan to passed it.
That's all some tips to make your trip will be fun. And never think your travelling is end your life, it's not useful to make you better. But try to make some activities to make you enjoy during your trip happen.

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