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What We Mush Prepare Before Going to Abroad

Posted by DEC Development Education and Culture on Tuesday, 7 May 2013

DEC_Hi guys, ever you think to going to abroad and visit many people in another countries? What we mush to prepare before going to abroad. Tonight, we'll share about what we must to prepare before going to abroad and try to enjoy our trip later.

Many reason why we mush to going abroad. Some people think that they want to use their holiday to visit in some places. Some reasons that it will be open our mindset about our life and our future. And the other to make usto understand about structure of live in many places, especially our place, our live and our self.

There some thing we mush prepare before going to abroad. First, try to search in internet about our destination, their culture, what we can and can't to do in there. We mush know basic language in our destinantion. We mush remember, many people can't to use english language. Just some places use english language as the first language, second language and many countries use english language as foreign language in their countries.
Second, bring some thing that you need. Minimalize to bring something that don't you need during in your journey. If you bring some electronic tools, complete with charger and anything for maximal used.

Next, keep remind to going to your doctor before your journey begin. Priority your health before, during and after your trip. If you think that your potions is hard to find in your destination, bring your prescription.

After that, check you places during in your journey. About situations, people and many more. Don't forget to change your money in money changer. Bring some money during you do some activities and always make second plan in there.

Last, always prepare your ticket back to your countries. If you spent more many in there, you can be late to back to your countries. Write your schedule and checked what activities want and done you do.


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