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Posted by DEC Development Education and Culture on Thursday, 5 April 2012

Seputarkampusorange_guys, mari kita belajar bahasa inggris yang menarik, mudah dan pastinya nyantai. di awalai dengan mencoba menemukan beberapa kesalahan dalam suatu penulisan diari dibawah ini.

guys, let us to learn english language that interisting, easy and enjoy. started with to try find the mistakes based in the diary bellow:

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

                Hi, guys lagi ngak punya kerjaan nih so aq ngetik ini aja kan lumayan kapan2 lagi suntuk and bosan ngetik, baca2 eh tawa2 inget masa lalu yang …..? apa yahJ happy3x nih so jangan gangu aq dulu yah it’s my feel happily and make me same fling in the sky.
Okey I’m want chat with my heart but with English language, so if you read my note and unknow with my word I’ll say sorry and good bye, see you in anywhere, hehehe…J.
                Okey guy’s I felt happy in the school. I don’t know why…? But my mine say it’s your heart telling to you what are you doing now! So listen carefully, correct. Are you listen to me! Hi…! :)
                Don’t listen what he say, so became super-man but don’t fly and my underpants doesn’t see. It’s behind in my pants so you can say something about me, but I’ll say what’re you say same with “dog angrily, khalifah walking out” hehehe… just funny
                But I’m say same with the fact so don’t laught with a long volume, you make my ears felt sick and will bomm same with boms in bali island from nurdin m top…! Are you want screem listen my presentation hem..? just kiddingJ hehehe…
                I’m working my presentation with listen music and are you know who vocalis in my laptop ringing? I’m listening a song from kuburan band with a new singgel tua-tua kelabing and made me same with springbed up down, up down my head, hehehe…
                Hi don’t go from here, next music is ayat-ayat cinta by melly guslaw and made me em…? What I say so make you feel same with me now…? Oh yeah right left 3x triple vase, firsh … ah up to you, I’m bored with my do it. Correctly I ceriuos with presentation in here.
                By the way, may be you ever feel falling in love with someone may be girl or boy and make you our control with your body. So you always bad time every your our time. I know what is it that! So sweet say girl and so cool say the boy. And I give tumb up for you, conrantulation special for you !
                By the way, why you don’t came if I telling something with English language, why…? (so thanks for  your time, I know you care with me but if you telling with like this, I’m not understanding with your presentation. Make words for same with you make me out from the topic, so continued your presentation and don’t care to me, thanks))
                Oh my god, my shadow don’t fusion with my presentation, it’s not big problem, okey next I’ll tell to you about what I doing in the exam room! Firsh time is kimia kita mikir apa yah !
                It’s a good answer say Mr. sahrul don’t make  his name. okey I ever talk with asrida and we are talking about her e-mail correct. Not thing speciall in my word and want say sorry but I don’t have time for say that. And add for the discussion it’s heavy word from me because I don’t know what I say to her. May be I want know her deeply but the eyes-students will come to us, so I make a space between I and her. Don’t forget it’s okey!B
                Many problem follow me after back from PMR camp, about asrida, I close to her, falling in love in a place, and ect. I unknow why their like something like this. What’s because them old or why, I unknow and I’ll say to them “why you care with their problem, what’s you don’t have work for you so you care with our problem. I’m cerious now ! what is it a fantasy or fact but I believe something and I want say “good lucky for you” if the sentence make your happy and surprise, why not.
                Okey I’m tiring know so good bye and good lucky for your working and job, and happy nice day from me
Hi, good evening guys I back to into laptop now. So what are you say about it. Sorry, sorry, I want make situasion same a last time ago, full with happy and ect. Nice, okey for remember with the time, directly I want share to you because I unknow why, I felt alone. If I remember with my problem and became same with a big mount. I’m cerious now.
I have exam in second time, are you know what it is ? it’s a difficult subject, Fisika fikiran siap kacau said Mr. sahrul. I’m feel not good for this subject. May be I unknow with the rule of subject but I think something with line to subject are its formula. In its world, it have many formula, newton, speed, etc. really make me crazy and same line with meaning like this.
You can draw in your imagination or your fantastic, how are very difficult in the subject or how the subject destroy your brean. Craz.. craz…. Craz… and the end…. Death!;
Who have same thingking with me, I thing who read presentation will rais his/her hand because they mine it the subject is very3x difficult. Oh my god, save me from the subject tomorrow and help me if I find something and cannot finally, open your clear road for help me by many problem the line with subject. I know you listen my pray, so please make in the world what I pray. What I say will became light road and help me by the problem like this. So please my god save and help me in tomorrow. I want tomorrow will make a good time and moment special for me. Thanks god from all your mighty and your given. Will make my life so enjoy and happy always and ending it’s good. Happy ending and good lucky every time.

setelah mendapatkan kesalahannya, silahkan koment dan kita bisa berbagi ilmu mengenai benar salahnya yang kita dapatkan.
after find the mistakes, please comments and we can share knowledge about true or false what we can find before.


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